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Well today is November 10th. X-perience's new album is out. I was hoping it would be out on Itunes as well. They have an icon for Itunes on their web site. All Itunes has is two videos of theirs. Is there a separate Itunes for Europe or Germany?


Thank the Gods for MySpace. I found their site and listened to some of their songs. I do like them. Thank the Gods for Amazon too. I ordered the album though them. We will see how long it will take to get here.

It is an interesting way to learn about new music. I am looking forward to the album. I was able to find a copy of Midge's platinum album "Breath" also. Looking forward to that. I have heard it is one of his best.

I will soon have new things to listen to. Hopefully I have enough room on my Ipod to put in all on. I am down to ~600k. I dont have to want to buy another one so soon. I will probably remove some stuff from my Ipod, like La Boheme, I am not listening to that at the moment.

My shoulder is hurting me right now. I should stop and do something else. It is all that typing I did on me presentation I have to give on Wednesday. I have 20 slides and only 25 minutes to do it in. I took it home to practice.

I also need to practice me belly dancing steps. I have been lacks.
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