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You have to love animals.....sometimes

I am soooo tired right now, and my evening is not done. I have belly dancing at 7:15. I paid for the classes so I have to go. Although I am sure Lachelle would understand. I complained enough about it today.

I got very little sleep last night. I guess I should be thankful for the mini migraine Sunday morning which had me going to bed earlier than I usually do. I at least has a couple hours of sleep because of it.

It started when it started raining. I can sleep though the rain. I actually love listening to the rain fall as I fall asleep. Unfortunately I got more than that.

There was something outside my bedroom window. I could hear something brush against the bushes between me and the next house. That freaked me out. Then there was the sound of a latter being dragged along the dirt, or the sound of a shovel being dragged along the ground. I could have sworn there was someone outside my window.

I called the police. I used the non-emergency number. I turned on the light and the person/thing did not run off. I freaked out. I was afraid. I live alone. I would not be that hard to break into my house.

The came and looked around. They did not see anything strange. They looked again after I talked to them. It was weird talking to two guys while I was in my pj's at 1 am.

The noise came back after they left. The police thought it was an animal. I decided to believe them. It made me feel better. But what animal was going to hang out in the rain outside my window. What human would either. I tired to sleep but the animal took great glee in making as much noise as it could. Chasing after something, playing with something outside my window.

Ugh. I had training today. 4 hours listening to someone while learning a new search engine. Pure hell when you are tired. The coke I was drinking was hurting my stomach as well. I had to go to the main offices so I got to sleep in. I laid in bed thinking I would wait a while before I got up. I let the alarm go for a while. Next thing I knew the alarm was off. Took the fastest shower ever.

I came back to work to find that my presentation I will be giving on Wednesday. They want me to add stuff. They want me to talk to someone to get more information. I have 20 slides for a 25 minute presentation! I cant talk that fast! Then someone else sent me more information to add to the presentation. I now have 23 slides for a 25 minute presentation. *head desk* That does not count the other information I have to add.

The guy who gave me the other stuff was saying that I had too many slides as he was giving me more to add. Go figure.

There were some good things about today though. There as a cute guy at work, I thought he was just a contractor that helped revamp our buildings. He had a British accent. Although I was never sure. It could have been New Zealand. I used to be able to tell the difference from all of them. He works for us, I ran into him at the main offices. Our training was in the basement of the building. He was there. He had to show me how to get into the bathroom. You had to card into the bathroom! You dont have to do that in the other parts of the building. I guess they dont treat the mail people and maintenance people very well.

Also there was entertaining value on the train. Some guy came an sat next to me. He already had a seat but sat next to me anyway. He as okay looking but he smoked so completely off my list. This other guy. He as good looking but his clothes! They at least were all the same colors, or range of colors. But each thing was a different pattern. He was wearing these matching colored alligator boots. He had on sunglasses (it was raining) and was talking loudly on the phone. I had to turn away because I was going to laugh. I did not want to give the wrong impression, because I had this goofy grin on my face. I could not help it. It was comical. He thought he was all that.

I turned to Lachelle. She was trying to stop laughing as well. Eddie was holding it in as well. Jamie and Nidhi did not understand what was going on. The guy left and went down the train. I dont know if he was looking at us off he reflection of his phone but he was looking at it weird. It was tilted slightly sideways.

I feel bad writing this. But I dont know, he had this attitude. It was as if he needed to be brought down a peg or two. I still feel bad.

I cant nap. I hope I can sleep tonight. I hope the caffeine does not keep me up tonight. That would suck. I hope the belly dancing workout will tire me out.
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