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Little Orphans by Midge Ure

Alright I have had this CD for about 24 hours. I have listened to it a few times.

I love all the songs even the instrumentals. I have been listening to all the songs without skipping the songs and that is rare for me. There are only a few albums that I can do that with. In fact I cant remember their names at the moment *LOL* I wish I could remember so I can show anyone who is reading this who I compare this album to.

There are absolute favorites though....

I bought the album because of Personal Heaven. I love this song. I cant wait to hear all the X-Perience song where Midge Ure duets with the lead singer of the band. If I love this one I know I will love that one too.

What Would You Do, Cry, Feel So Good, Your Religion, Get a Life, Love You Gave Me, Trying Now, All For Love. All great songs. Crash and What's out there are industrial.

Heart resonates with me the most. He wrote it with Chip Taylor, the wanted to write something for Roy Orbinson. It is about a heart and head arguing about a potential new relationship. You can hear the emotion in his voice. It hits me in the gut like Meat Loaf's Two out of three aren't bad.

In the song the head tells the heart to hide behind the wall of doubt. I do that. I look back in my life and I am so surprised at myself, when I was younger *elementary school* I would constantly be chasing boys. I never cared. I saw someone I liked I went after them. Girls had cooties then so of course they ran away. I was engaged in Kindergarten. I embarrassed my mom one time. Some moms were saying how cute it was to see a little boy and girl kissing. The little girl was me. I even had a ring. The stone was turquoise.

I guess I have been hurt so many times that I do hide behind that wall. I guess it is safer behind the wall. I tell myself that I am happier behind that wall because I wont be hurt again. But then why am I crying over this song, obviously I am not happy. When he sings the "heart" part where he sings "let me go" just twists in me.

I guess I am tired of having my head be in control all the time, but I dont know how to have it let my heart go.
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