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Presenting Today

I have to present at our quarterly update meeting with our VP today. I wrote my presentation so I think I will be okay. I had to change stuff around at the last minute so I hope I dont stumble too much. There are parts that I have no clue about and the guy who does is not even going to be there so that sucks. Hopefully my boss can bail me out on those points.

I just dont feel like going over it over and over again. But then again the managers from other groups have been invited as well. I want to give a good impression but I have put a week into writing this I dont want to do anymore.

I want to relax not get overly stressed. I did not even make a prototype for this. I know it will disappoint one person but my direct boss told me not to worry about it so I am not going to. I have had other work issues I had to deal with over the week.

Plus I am lazy.

I dont get to talk until 2:30. I was in the morning 24 hours ago but the guy who was supposed to answer some of the questions in my presentation is leaving at noon to go somewhere so his stuff got pushed in the morning and I got pushed into the afternoon.

Oh well. I hope I do well.
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