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A bunch of us from work went to a Moroccan restaurant last night. It is the place that our belly dancing teacher dances.

We had a 5 course meal. I am still full. The meal was great. I just never have been so full in my life. Not even during Thanksgiving do I eat that much.

I was having weird dreams about being the judge, jury and executioner. I would save a select few while the rest were going to die. All the time I am holding some roses and having these other people standing on a floating piece of smooth wood with me.

I was doing this in a warehouse with happened to be in a cave that happened to be attached to a house. LOL...cant miss the symbolism there. Well now I have to mention that it is almost the new moon win Scorpio. I also blew out the fake lowered ceiling in this warehouse.

Our teacher first pulled out Stacie then Charles (Charles had to balance a sword on his head, he did a great job) Eddie was pulled out next although he was dancing salsa instead. Brendi and I were next. She did not recognize us though until she commented that we were good and I said that we had a good teacher. Lachelle did not go up she refused.

Had good Moroccan wine and good conversations. I am sure we will be going again.

I am tired though, I had trouble focusing for a bit this morning. I have to go into Albany soon. Sgail will be pissed off if I miss my hair appointment.
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