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Got my hair done

It is shorter and darker. Just like I wanted it. It is cool how connected we are, I wanted shorter and darker and I told my belly dancing teacher that is the way she was going to see on Monday. Sgail said that she wanted to make me darker for the winter. It was the same way when I wanted to add pink into my hair. She is the best! She is worth the one hour drive.

Also it looks like I will be going to a party for New Years. There even may be a set up involved. We will see. I dont want to jinx anything.

I was supposed to hang out with Braid on Monday. I forgot that I have Belly Dancing that night so I had to call her and tell her "No". Which is annoying since I dont get to hang out with her much anymore.

Hopefully we can find another time.

I found out from Sgail that the Berkeley/Albany area is the Belly Dancing Capitol of the area. I may have to start looking into what is out there. She knew my teacher. I am really getting into it. It is fun and a good way to work out. I wont stop my weigh lifting since that builds bone mass as well as muscle. I feel sexy when I do it, I have fun so I want to continue dancing.

Lachelle posted pictues from last night. I will have to go through them.
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