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I am so unmotivated today. Maybe I should have taken this week off. I am sure it will get worse tomorrow. I am just sitting here staring at my computer...well I am typing now but that is because my cube mates aren't commiserating with me enough.

I got myself a Coca-Cola to see if that will help. If I had something exciting to work on maybe it would not be as bad. The one exciting thing I am working on we are waiting for results, so cant do anything with that until we get the results. Everything else is boring. The formulations are far from complicated or even interesting. I have been doing them too long.

I could update my notebook but that will take a few minutes.

Maybe Mr. Spy wont come in and I can be lazy today.

There should be two times that we should be able to be lazy: Thanksgiving week and Christmas Week. That should be our award for being here at that time.

Oh well I have to do something. Work Ethic always rears its head.
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