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Okay, Have to Write About This

From what I got from the picture is that this looks like a really cute book. I have not read the book but the jist of it is that two male penguins find an abandoned egg and decide to raise it together. It is based on what really happened in the NY Central Park Zoo.

In the penguin world it is the job of the male to keep the egg warm until it hatches. So, yes, that would most likely happen. My first reaction is "Wow, that is so sweet". The fact that these two males did this SELFLESS ACT. They could have let the egg die, after-all it wasn't their egg. It wasn't their offspring.

I have watched nature shows where it shows male lions killing off cubs that are not theirs so they can produce their own cubs with females in the pride. They dont take care of cubs that are not their own.

Based on this I would think families would love reading this story based on the selfless act of these male penguins and that they truly value life to do this.

But NO! There is an uproar about corrupting the children with gay propaganda. WTF! Are all "Christians" afraid of their own sexuality that they see homosexuality in everything. They say in the book that the zookeeper believes that the penguins are in love...well cant males have strong bonds with other males? Why do they assume these bonds are sexual?

I guess the repressed see sex in everything.
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