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*head desk*

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. You would think that you would get to reflect on what you are thankful for, but no. I got to hear everything that I have been doing wrong. And what I am going to be doing wrong in the future.

And this was infront of other people as well as before we went to my Mom's friend's house. She tried to get her friends to also tell me that everything that I am doing and planning in my life is wrong.

I ended up with a headache from clenching my jaw the whole night. I had to drive so I could not drink, it would have been nice to be able to drink that way I could have ignored her more. She got to drink and that lossened her tongue even more.

Then on the way home she was trying to set me up the single guy there who was obviously gay. I have pretty good gay-dar. Then he mentioned that he has not found a partner yet, well that clinched it for me. Mom...oblivious.

I love my mom but she worries too much and when she worries her tact is not the best. She means well but it gets really frustrating sometimes. If the rest of the family was there then it would not be that bad, but having her whole attention on you gets waring overtime.

My house is freezing. My heater is not working that well. It should be up to 68 by now but it is stuck on 61. It has been running all night and I turned it up this morning at 6:30 am. Not happy about that either. I dont want to have to stay in bed all day so I can be warm. This heater should be working!
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