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No Regrets....

Awesome song. Midge's voice is like silk. So deep, you want to just drown in it.

The video is good too. True he does the 80's dancing but it works. I still dance like that. I only dance to 80's music though so of course I only dance like that. It is all dark and moody, it is the best.

I just discovered the video the other day on YouTube. It is gone now *sniff* The person's account who had it up got removed. I am glad I was able to see it for the short time I did. I hope someone else posts it in the future.

Although I dont know if it his voice or the content, or a mixture of the both that makes me want to listen to it over and over and over again. I cant get enough of the song. Anyone on gmail right now is probably wondering if my computer is broken since all they see is that song in my status bar.

His song Alone I can hear over and over and over again as well. I dont have the CD for that song *yet* so I have to either listen to a live version on DVD or watch a Fan Video on YouTube. The guy did a very good job on it. I hope Midge gets to see it.

I guess the songs *Move Me* LOL He has a song called You Move Me which is about how art, music, books etc should "move you". He definitely does a good job at putting out music that does just that. Another song I dont mind hearing more than once in one sitting. It is a shame that music execs dont realize that and continue to push bubble-gum crap down our throats. Especially here in the US. I have never been a big fan of US music. Come to think of it I dont think I have any US artists on my Ipod. *checking* well I do have The Call and such, ones that are considered alternative so they dont really count.

In the car, I either listen to my CD's or listen to MAX-FM which plays 70's, 80's or what ever we feel like. They keep the bubble-gum crap out of it. Or at least I have not heard any of it. At home and at work I listen to the music on my Ipod which is set on a Midge Ure play list. I try not to annoy my co-workers and listen to the same song over and over and over again. I do that at home where it is only me so it does not matter *grins*

Now back to the song...I have been listening to it over and over and over again more most of the day. There is not much to do when you are huddled under blankets trying to get warm. It is finally getting to a comfortable temperature after what 12 hours since I turned the heater up. I shut off the repeat setting to listen to the other Midge Ure songs but then I get all antsy and have to turn it back to the song and listen to it again. I have had it on repeat for the past 3 hours now and cant stop listening to it.

I cant figure it out what it is. I am pretty sure the voice is part of it but he sings this deep in other songs as well so the lyrics have to be part of it as well as the melody.

Enough time for listening and feeling....
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