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My heater is officially dying.

First I had to fiddle with the cord to even get it to turn on. Now it has been on for 3 hours and it has only raised the temperature 10 degrees. Which is only 61! I am so cold.

I only got this heater last year! I dont want to have to pay $100+ for a new one and try and figure out how to get rid of the old one. It wont fit in my garbage can.

The post office lost a package of mine. Annoyed. I cant call until tomorrow though to see I can get amazon to send me two more. The post office hasn't even called me about not finding it.

I had to do a rush order for another one for my friends birthday. The shipping is costing me more that the present. I am having something shipped from England. I hope that they dont lose that one, that would majorly suck.

And I was trying to bring more positive energy in my life. Everything that could go wrong did today at work. A piece of equipment that was just looked at by a trained individual broke down today and it had something important in it that needed to be taken care of today. We cant open it.

Only good thing today was the fact I got to make something for someone and he was very happy, grateful. But that was first thing in the morning...it went down hill after that.

Tomorrow will hopefully be better. It should be Mark Morford's column comes out every Wednesday and Friday. Unless he is on vacation...hopefully not this week *shudder*

A few of us did do a field trip to WalMart had to get things for work. It was nice to get away from work but what a living Hell. I could not believe how many people that were there. And they completely rearranged the place. The aisles are smaller and I could not understand the logic for the change. If they were trying to be like Target they failed miserably.



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