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Tried to fix it.

I tried to fix my wall heater.

The space heater I have, there were interesting noises coming from the outlet when I plugged it in last night. Was not too pleased about that. Got a little panicky.

I lit the pilot light of the wall heater. I had to turn the thermostat at least 8 times to 90 before it decided to turn on. I turned it down to 68ish after that.

I had to turn it up over 70 to turn it back on this evening. The people who put the heater in had the more powerful side head toward the bedroom and bath which was stupid since the living room is the hardest to warm up. I will just have to live with a blanket on for the rest of the winter even with the heater running.

I am not absolutely freezing anymore but I am still cold. So I guess that is better than nothing.
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