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*shakes head*

It makes me wonder if there are any real *true* Christians out there.

I was reading an article in the Chemical and Engineering News about a seminar at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting.

They had a Republican Judge, appointed by W, who shot down the use of "intelligent design" in the Pennsylvania schools, speak. He talked about how he and his family had the face the wrath of the Christian right.

He talked to the scientists mentioning how he received his first death treats, even after sending many a criminal over the years on the bench. His wife couldn't walk their dog without a US Marshall escorting her.

And I am sure those who made those death threats considered themselves as "true" Christians. That they had deep faith. Yet they were going against what they supposedly believe in by making these threats.

Then if they ever catch these people making the threats the christian right start complaining that "they" are being attacked and persecuted for being Christian. *rolls eyes*

The fact that they were so close to forcing their beliefs onto the masses shows that they are far from being oppressed.

I think these people forget that people came to this country to escape from religious persecution. That they wanted to be able to freely worship the way they wanted. Why isn't anyone else allowed to do so?

These christians spew so much hate when they cant force others to believe what they want them to believe it is scary.

They also need to read the bible more closely, not just the passages that justify their hatred.

They have to remember love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, and above all, Matthew 6:5-8, which says 'go into your secret closet and pray, and do not be like the hypocrites who say loud prayers at the gate. I already know what you already need before you ask me.'
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