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Had my last belly dancing class

Kinda sad. It was a great class. The teacher is great.

She is going to offer ongoing classes in a place closer to me, well closer to the freeway, until the new ones come at the end of January. I will most likely go, those ones are on Tuesday. Except for the 2nd I dont think I have any plans on Tuesdays.

I was brave today. I actually went in a skirt and sports bra. I hardly ever show my stomach. I was self-conscious at first but then I was just concerned about keeping up with the teacher. I am proud of myself for doing that. Whether I will be doing that at the gym anytime soon...probably not. *lol*

I wish I could continue to go to these classes for a long time.

I am getting all goose pimply so time go get changed and into bed.
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