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Got a new Ipod

The Mini that I got for a trip to Italy a couple years back was getting full. The battery was going as well. I used it for 1.5 hours the other day and the battery was half gone.

I was not happy about that.

I got a 30GB one. I hate the fact that they only have these in black or white. I got the U2 one because it had some color on it. The nanos have color but why would I spend $30 less for a colored nano with only 8GB on it. It did not make sense so I spent the extra $30 so I have lots of room to work with.

So right now I am taking all my CD's and importing them in, well at least the songs I like on the CD's I have. It is a good way to relax and rest before the party tonight.

I will still need to get something for a potluck but I have a good few hours to deal with that. Still have to do laundry though.

I had to buy some cloths as well. Spent less than $100 for two pairs of jeans and long sweat pants for the gym. I was trying on some lower rise jeans but they made my butt look flat so I stuck with the higher waisted ones which I dont care much for. Cant wait for warmer weather so I can ware my capris again.

Now I just need shoes. I think I will wait later to get those. I have to get one more thing for my sister for Christmas. I will do it then.



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