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Great Party

Had a wonderful time last night with friends. We ate, we sang, we laughed. All good fun. I did not get to sleep until 1 am but it was worth it.

Although I woke up at 5 then 7 then 9. I will be going back to bed after this. I am getting sleepy again.

We had a Festival of Lights of sorts. We lit candles for wishes for the next year. I have had weird things happen to the wicks of the candles I have lit for the past few months. They never burn away. The wick forms almost wings in shape or in the shape of a heart.

Unsure what it all means. Mine was the only one that did it last night and I bought three of the same candles just in case people forgot theirs. Two people did and their candle's wicks performed normally.

A friend of mine is getting married on the 14th of January. I have to change my hair appointment for that day. Waiting for my hairdresser's call. She is just starting so I should be getting a call in an hour or so.
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