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Well I have been trying to see when and where Pan's Labyrinth is going to be playing this Friday. I went on to their MySpace and the title is "Selected Cities Dec 29th, more cities January 12th, everywhere January 19th!

Ugh! I have been waiting for months to see this movie and now I may have to wait a few more weeks. This was going to be my highlight of the week. To leave work at 12:00 and head over to the movie theater. I had it all planned. Being all happy and joyful waiting at the movie theater. Possibly getting my sister to go since she will be getting off close to the time I am.

Now it does not look like that is going to be the plan. *sob*

Well the way things have been going, what do I expect. I guess happiness is not part of the equation for the rest of the year.
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