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Not so good of a day

My department sucks. The manager talks down to people, she is always telling people what they have done wrong. She did not even talk to us at the Christmas lunch, or she did as little as she had to to be polite.

There is only one person who is the shining light in the management part of our department. She has only been here since October, but I got to work for her. She listened to me about wanting more responsibility. She was angry when she heard about people being yelled at literally.

Now I dont get to work for her anymore. She is still in the department but I have to work for the other one. The one who does not believe that lab work is worthy. Who did not see any issue with me being told that I get to "play scientists", that "those people make more money so it isn't economically feasible for them to clean up after themselves" would not be insulting to me. Who told her boyfriend that only way he would get promoted he would have to leave the lab. He does not work here anymore. She does not put any value in lab work. She hated lab work so why would she put any value in it.

*head desk*

I am not happy about this. She is just like the manager. She does not care about people at my level. She will be forced to but in reality she doesn't. I see no future now.

My old boss says I can talk to her at any time. That may be hard. My new boss does not like her. She feels threatened by her because she has more experience. The old boss let us know what was going on, the new one likes keeping secrets.

We were happy now not so much anymore. At least the old boss will be working on updating my objectives and IDP's. The crap I had to deal before with the "new" boss. Rather demeaning.
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