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Lazy Day Before Going Back To Work

How many bloody noses can one person have before it is considered unhealthy?

I guess I am lucky I have a quick clotting factor. It hurts like a bitch though. The good Kleenex is gone so now I am back to the rough stuff.

I made myself a saline solution so I hope that will help. My house has 27% humidity so that probably does not help my nose bleeds. I dont think my heater shut off more than once since 10:30 last night.

The wedding was beautiful. It was great to see everyone there. I thought I was lost. I got there right on time. Good thing weddings are always behind. I felt bad, I usually like to be at least 15 minutes early. They asked for people to dress in Ren Faire costume. There was only 5 of us that did so. It was funny because we ended up being all seated at the same table.

I have to get my niece a present by Thursday. Who knows what I have coming to me back at work. I hate taking unplanned time off from work. The stress factor is always higher when I get back.

There was stuff I wanted to get done around the house this weekend as well. That did not happen. I have been too tired to do anything. I will have to put more effort during the week now. Which sucks because usually when I get home I just want to crash on the couch and fall asleep.

That is going to have to change.
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