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There are 2 types of managers

This all happened within 5 minutes.

I went for a coke and then came back.

In order to get from one building to another I go outside and go through the front doors. It is much quicker. Well I noticed that there were a bunch of feathers on the sidewalk in front of the main lobby. Obviously a Pigeon got grabbed or attacked by a Hawk. There wasn't a body so the Pigeon could not have hit the windows above. Plus they are mirrored so it would have had to be a rather stupid Pigeon.

I commented about it out loud but the manager that was following me pretty much ignored me and kept walking. On my way back from the cafeteria I stopped to take a closer look. There were 4 wing feathers and a bunch of really small feathers, probably under feathers. I commented to this another manager who was heading my way. He actually stopped and said that he noticed it before and we started speculating whether it was a Hawk. He said he noticed quite a few along the fence across the way. After that we went off walking to where we needed to go.

Just a quick observation on who are personable and who are not.
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