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Had to write a presentation for tomorrow

I am on a workstream to improve things at my work. We broke up into sub-teams. My sub-team was me and someone at manager level.

Her department set up focus groups to get information on our workstream and two others. She came up with the conclusions for the learnings.

Then she sorta dropped out. I could not go to meetings between Thanksgiving and New Years because of project work. So I had no clue what was going on. I was told she had checked out. Although we still had to make recommendations for the group and had a week to do it.

I freaked out, then got to work to figure out what I wanted to accomplish. Luckily there was info that totally supported my theories and what I wanted to work out. Just writing it down was the hard part. I had to organize my thoughts properly. It had to make sense and be something that was actionable. I was lucky that one of the things that needed to be done was already decided and another group was going to take care of it. I could write that down as something accomplished.

The other thing was going to effect me and my level. Thanks to the focus groups we had some idea of what was wrong, but how to fix it. Thanks to two job openings it became easy. It was so plain to see. I based my plan on those two openings. A co-worker helped me type it up into management-speak.

I sent it out this afternoon. One of the managers in our workstream wrote back. He was impressed. That made me happy. That and the fact that I can say our sub-team actually was going to provide something.

Tomorrow is the meeting. I am looking forward to it now.
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