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I sent out the letter

I officially gave notice today to my landlord. He will be getting a certified letter in the mail either tomorrow or the next day.

I can now start talking about it. I gave 60 days notice. Which I think is the law right now. Well if it isn't I gave him enough time to find someone new. He should be happy about that.

I am packing already. I have even moved stuff into the new place. I will be moving more tomorrow. Will have to pack more tonight during Heroes.

I was fixing a light tonight and hurt myself though. The ladder I was using just fits in the bathroom. It was awkward trying to get off of it. Good thing the door was closed. I slammed into it. The back of my arm hit the doorknob. I have a nice lump on the back of my arm now. If the door was not closed I would have hit my head on the ground or against the hall wall. That would have been worse.

I just hope the swelling goes down on my arm. I put ice on it so it went down a little. Hope it does not hurt too much tomorrow.
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