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Left A Guy Speechless Today

I have not seen my friend Mike in a long time. Not since he moved to Atlanta.

He is here this week it seems. Little annoyed that he did not tell me but hey he probably would have dropped by at some time, possibly for Burger Buddies.

Anyway I saw him in the lobby. He obviously did not recognize me. He probably would have if I was still blond. I have been dying my hair for a while now. Sunday I got in done again. It is three levels of dark red and some sections of Hot Pink.

As I passed him again and I said. "Stop by and say Hi"

He looked at me and looked at me. When it dawned on him, his mouth was at the floor. When he recovered he said "Nice! When did you get it done."

I shook my hair and, I told him on Sunday but I told him that I have been doing it for a while now. He said he would stop by later.
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