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Bored Bored Bored

So here I am stuck in my house as the painter is painting the doors to my house. I had to take the day off because I am uncomfortable with having a stranger walking through my house and having my doors wide open for long periods of time.

I am away from work but still, not my idea of an great day off. I am forced to stay in my house and try and forget that there is a painter on the other side of the wall here. I like my privacy and alone time. I find this funny since I have set up an online journal, some of which I let be shown to who ever is out there.

I got up at my usual time to shower and change. Did not know when this guy was going to show up. I then fell asleep on my couch. I am surprised my hair does not bad considering it was wet when I fell asleep. He did not show up until 9:30. I am tired since I have now had too much sleep.

Drempt a lot about dogs. Dogs offering me protection. Which is funny since dogs in dreams represent protection and loyalty.

Also drempt about my old highschool. In real life it has been completely torn down. It was built in 1939, hardly earthquake proof. It had a nice artdeco look to it, although many thought it looked like San Quentin. Which is also artdeco-y. Everyone thought that since it looked the same that the same architect designed it, but it is an urban myth. It was a cool story though.

My 20th high school reunion is coming up next year. I cant believe I am getting old. I dont like thinking in decades.

No one is updating anything so either I have to find new stories to read or start watching TV There is usually never anything good on TV. I have read all the books that are in my house. I have to find my library card soon, but still cant leave the house. It wont help me now.
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