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Oh to the wonders of men!

Here is to the man who helped us move a fricken heavy china cabinet today. I salute you, I bow down in gratitude to you or otherwise I would not be home right now and I would have more straight line bruises on my leg. My body would not have the "good" ache that one gets after a workout but a really all over bad, I cant get up ache and I had enough of that this week. Which is not good because some of my furniture needs to be moved tomorrow.

Boy what a week this has been.

First it was the nearly flat tire which I fixed which kept me from going to the gym right after work. Although that was a good thing because later that evening I was puking for a half hour straight into my friend's toilet. It went up my nose, that was the worse part. The pain and the constant smell.

I called in sick for the next day right after that. I spent the night too on her couch because I did not trust myself to be able to get home. I was afraid I was going to get sick again. Plus the sudden feeling really cold from the shock of it all did not make matters any better. Did not sleep much, couldn't. Her cats loved it. I was constant attention that night. I was just so awake.

I drove home that morning. I was able to semi-sleep in my bed but it was hard to sleep and I could not figure it out. Then the cold came again. Then the aches. Then I was too hot. I was putting cold presses on myself to try and cool myself off, to get myself comfortable.

I was lucky I had some cold and flu medicine. I took the night stuff. Which was hard on me since even drinking water was hurting my stomach. All day I was sipping stuff just in case, or not drinking at all. The medicine made me all loopy. It scared me because I had trouble walking to my bed. Everything was spinning. I tried to stay on the couch but it was too hot. I knew my waterbed would help since it helps during the hot summers here. I still could not get cool enough. I was moving all over the bed trying to place a leg or arm onto a cool spot. That was an all nighter too. Called in sick for the next day as well.

Next day was better. I was able to sleep after I called my boss saying I was not coming in again. I woke up sweating so I assumed that my fever broke and I was getting better. My stomach was feeling better. Drinking liquids did not hurt and some food was okay as well. Although later on that night the fever came back. I called in sick the next day as well. Which sucked because there was a meeting I wanted to go to that day.

I slept though, I slept most of the day away. I felt better today which was good because I promised to help someone move. And what a wonderful day it was. It rained through most of it. It took two hours to get the stuff in the truck. It was only the two of us. We dreaded the removal of the china cabinet when we were moving stuff into the new place. The truck rental did not give us a dolly even though we asked for one. Luckily there as a guy in another row of condos with his garage door up and he was fiddling around and cleaning.

My friend went up to him and said "I have a heavy china cabinet and $20" He helped but did not take the money which is having me praise him some more. What a nice neighbor.

Now off to rest and get ready for tomorrow. My stuff is at least lighter than hers, but not as nice.
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