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What a beautiful day :-)

We moved my stuff today. Not as much or as heavy. I was sick so did not feel like packing over the week so it was just my dining room table, the green chest and this green display cabinet my ex and I got at Home Depot and built together.

The dining room table is walnut wood. It fits four people so it is big enough for me. My mom got it for me a long time ago in a consignment store. She always has a knack in getting quality pieces from these places. It is her gift.

The green chest, my mom said she got it off the side of the road in Berkeley 35 years ago. It was the first piece of furniture that went into our house in El Cerrito. It is still a great piece. I love it and will hopefully always have it with me. My mom does not need it so she has not asked for it back. *grins*

Not much I can say about the Home Depot piece but it looks nice and works well for its job which is to hold my "Hawks" crystal goblets. As well as other things.

It was raining when we put the stuff in. 8 am is the perfect time to drive here in the Bay Area because there are hardly any cars on the rode and that is rare. Even at 1-3 am there are more cars on the road than at 8 am on Sunday.

When we hit Danville the sun broke through and it was like "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" it was so beautiful. It was so green and so blue. It had a feeling of joy and love. My heart filled so full with these emotions, it just filled me and lifted me so high. It was a good thing that there were not that many cars on the rode because I kept looking at everything around me. The child picnic set under a huge old oak had me think of all the wonderful imaginary play time a child had had there. All the hawks lining the highway sitting on the street lamps. All the green grass. The fluffy clouds in the deep blue sky.

When we reached our destination frogs were calling. I guess it is mating season. I would always fall asleep to the crickets here, I am looking forward to the frogs lulling me asleep. 6 more weeks.

We went to breakfast afterward and stuffed our faces with pancakes. Very satisfying.
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