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It is hard to be positive all the time

I am trying to bring positive energy into my life. To do that it is best to be positive, or at least think positive thoughts during the day. It helps.

I guess I was doing a good job of it on Monday. I guy said I was glowing. Thought it was either pregnant or at least in love with a new boyfriend.

I guess that is proof thinking positively works.

This place though, this department. It just sucks it all out of you. A piece of equipment died the other day, therefore cutting off the ability to do work. Not my best moment that day. I came out of the room with a frown on my face. The Manager saw me and ordered, "Smile Shona". That made me even more annoyed.

I caught myself last night. I wasn't as positive as I wanted to be. I was pulling in that energy in this morning before work. I got a spark of it. It is an uphill battle right now. I think once I get outside at lunch today it will be easier.

I love the feeling of that happiness and joy. I dont want to lose it. I guess I will meditate on that tonight. Remember how I felt driving on Sunday. That should bring it back.
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