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Weekend was a loss

As I said before ended up with a migraine all Sunday. Because of that the weekend is pretty much a blur.

The one thing I do remember is watching Rick Steves sometime. The show was on the the Amalfi Coast. It reminded me of my trip.

I was there the last time I went to Italy. My mom and I went through there to visit the cities along the coast when we were staying in Sorrento. We went to visit Paestum as well on that visit together. I even have a picture of the temple of Poseidon from Paestum on my 360 page.

Remembering the valentine's day trip made me a little anxious. It was a very rainy day I was going to Vietri to get a pitcher for a friend of mine, and a platter for my sister. I missed my station, I ended up in Salerno not knowing where to go from there, finally did then ended up in Vietri, bought my stuff (although most of the stores were closed due to lunch). Ended up at Amalfi and nearly missed the last bus to Sorrento. Although the bus was not going to Sorrento it was going straight to Naples. The bus driver was nice and dropped me off in the middle of town. I am glad I have a good sense of direction and was able to find my way back to the hotel. My mom was freaking out since it was after dark and she had no idea where I was.

I came home cold, wet and miserable. I got what I wanted but it was a hectic trip. I ended up being sick after that.

The platters and the look on my friend's face after I gave her the pitcher was worth it but still remembering the trip. I could have been completely stranded at one point.

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