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The Wicker Man

The remake is coming out this Friday. I am going to see it. I have to because I want to see how different it is from the original.

I loved the original, I even love the music in it. Gently Johnny and Willow's song are my favorites as well as the opening score. I wish the opening score was longer. I have the collectors DVD with the extending version and the released version plus a bunch of extras including a 40ish minute piece on the making of the movie and its trials to get to the screen in the first place.

The original has the clash between Paganism and Christianity. What I am hearing is the new version is the clash between men and women. Cage is not going to play a virgin, from what I read he thought that people would not believe that there is a 30ish old virgin male in this time frame. But people will believe that there is an exclusive pagan community living in a small ilse near Seattle??? Pagans are not rich people, we are the opposite. Well I am unsure what would be so special about him to be sacrificed? Is it the fact his character is allergic to bees? Big deal.

My sister also does not think that Cage will be sacrificed, that he would not allow himself to be burned in the Wicker Man. If this is true I will be majorly upset. That is the whole point of the movie, that is why the first was so good, so creepy.

The ad campaign is also making it look satanic, not happy with that either.
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