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More about the boss

I dont know what his problem is but he is just digging himself into a very big hole. We just had this huge meeting this morning on how to improve the morale at work though making better managers, culture and careers.

And guess what our wonderful boss is doing....he is telling us to remove personal decorations from our cubicles because, to him, it look unprofessional. I know he was in the meeting because he decided to make a comment in the Q&A. My neighbor is going around saying that "to make up for his lack of personality he is trying to suppress ours".

We work in and R&D facility, if we cant express personalities how are we supposed to come up with the good ideas. How are we supposed to feel we have a claim somewhere in this company. But then again this guy says "You dont come to work to make friends, you come here to work". Hopefully someday he will get it but I am tired of being his guinea pig.

Somehow he needs to be stopped. They need to make him not have anyone work under him anymore because it is just becoming a disaster
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