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Bed is Gone

The bed is finally gone. I have had the bed for 16 years. Man that is a long time. I don't know how I feel about that yet. I am still thinking about what else needs to be done and what I had to deal with to get rid of it.

It was a major pain to deal with. I had to get a pump. That worked great, got most of the water out. Because they told me that it could not be run dry I had to unplug it quick. The foam in the bed held a lot of water so I had to get the shopvac out.

There I discovered a critter has been living in the shed, had a nice nest and everything. Thank you nice neighbor for breaking the doors of the shed so I could not close them, and allowing the critter to come in and live there for a year and shit all over everything. Anyway I had a hard time opening the shed but got it open. Mostly everything is on the lawn in the back now. But I digress.

It took a few times with the shopvac to remove most of the water, I could not get all of it out but enough to lift it by myself.

Taking the bed apart was not fun. Two different pieces fell on my left foot. The places are swollen and hurt. I have a icepack on it now. I could not do it right away because I had to take it to the dumpster.

I hope I did not break my foot. I cant afford to break my foot right now. I have to move stuff this coming Saturday.
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