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Happy Ostara!

Wow what a big two days. Was in a meeting for two of them. They were two great days. I had wine afterwards for both days so that made it even better *LOL*

Although I have had some issues during this two days.

I wrote on this board with my phone that being strong is hard. Although the entry was lost due when I hit a wrong button and lost the whole entry, most annoying. Seeing him was harder than I thought, it is easier actually talking on the phone. Seeing him reminded me about the fact I have not had male human contact in so long.

Hugging my nephew goodbye is not the same, it is contact with a male but not the same. I miss the intimacy of being touched by him. I had to stand in front of him for a bit the day before. I so wanted to lean backwards and feel the length of him along my back. I craved it, more than sex. I so wanted to be spooned last night. I wanted to be held in my sleep. I was rather down last night.

Today was strange. I had gotten more touches from men today in a long time. Hands on the shoulders, pats on backs, one friend even hugged me no less than four times.

I guess when you want something bad enough you get it. *grins* I just have to think of a boyfriend/lover hard enough or want it hard enough I should get it. After all the touching manifested itself over night.

I will talk about the meeting tomorrow morning when I am on my work computer.
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