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It was a pretty good day

The A's won although I was wearing a Boston Red Socks t-shirt to support my friend.

My boss was snide with me earlier, most annoying. He hates it when people know more than him, esp when he believes the person is beneath him. I have more years of experience than him, and I was trying to save him from being bitch-slapped in the future from the VP of LHD.

Then he broke the number one cardnial rule about work offsites. You do not sit with the people who work for you, you give us a break from you!

Idiot. He knew none of us were happy that he was sitting there. He was very quiet through lunch. Two different departments went to the game together, one of the guys from the other department sat with us until our boss sat down at our table. He left to sit at another table when he saw he was there.

We made sure he did not sit next to us at the game. That would have really sucked. Although he left sometime during the game. Not good. Have to make your appearances. The only technician who likes working for this guy left during lunch. Although I am sure he will not see any wrong with what she did. Will probably have some excuse for her although he will probably find something wrong with the rest of us.

Soon it will be a 3 day weekend and things will be good. Then another offsite on the 15th. Hopefully he will learn by then. I definately dont want him sitting next to me again. Although they may assign setting, they have done it before.
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