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The one thing that I miss from the old place

My neighbor had Jasmine growing on their fence.

Around this time of the year I would sleep with my window open just to be able to smell the Jasmine coming through. I love that scent.

That crawling, vine-y Jasmine is all in bloom right now. I have been smelling it everywhere I go in Dublin and Pleasanton. Have not found it so much up here in Vallejo. I am sure it is around though.

There is Star Jasmine here at the house but it does not start blooming until the summer hits. Beltane is over by then. I would put Jasmine in with Roses in my wreath.

I think I will ask my Landlord if it would be okay to plant some of the Jasmine vine along the fence. It wont be until next year before I could enjoy it but it will be worth it.
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