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So I got a bed

It is going to be delivered on April 20th. A little annoyed that it is going to take that long to get it but I have gotten used to sleeping on my air mattress.

I am now looking for a frame for the bed. That has been a big pain. A lot of the stuff I do not like. I found this but it is only for Regular King beds not California King. Who would have though it would be that hard to find a Cal King bed frame.

A guy on Ebay said that this will fit a Cal King as well as a Regular King just they would give me longer rails for it. The guy is lying. The frame will still be 4 inches too wide. How am I to hook it up the the bed when the ends are 2 inches off on each side.

I guess I will have to wait until the bed shows up then do some measurements then hit the stores. I hate shopping. It is why I love the internet so much, everything is at my fingertips without having to drive to many different places hoping to find something I like. And wasting gas along the way. Also I can find it cheaper online. Oh well. It is better to find something that fits then order something online and not having it fit.
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