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More Annoyance

I am being preached at on MySpace. Some guy said he wanted to be added to my friend's list because he thought we had like minds. And wanted to send me poetry.

This is just a kid, he is 22. He is also a Christian artist. I went back to the original message and read the whole thing and saw he added a poem about his rapture with God.

Pain in the ass.

I would get this all the time on and now I am getting it here. Cant they just leave me alone to my beliefs. I am happy with my beliefs. I feel fulfilled with my beliefs.

I get bothered by Christian men on my FriendFinders as well but the messages I get from them are about wanting to get a quick lay. As if my beliefs equal slut. Nope I dont think so. Hypocrites.

This day is not starting off very well *LOL*
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