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Boss stories again

My boss is a complete liar. He told our group manager that my friend insulted him at our offsite yesterday.

He lectured to us in our individual meetings about professionalism. I thought he was going to go off on how we are not supposed to decorate the outside of our cubicles and was ready to lay it on him about how stupid it was. He then started talking about how he was insulted and when. I had know idea what he was talking about. It supposedly happend when this guy Grant came back to the table, Grant left when the boss sat down at our table. The only time I saw Grant during or after lunch when I met him at the SUV to ask where he was seated.

My friend got called into the GM's office saying that many people at the table claimed it happend. I talked to the people at our table and they all said they had no clue of what the boss was saying. So the boss lied to the GM. The GM could not look into the eyes of my friend when she was asking for who said it. It was obvious the GM was lying as well.

The GM is trying to protect her precious boy from what she knows will be scathing feedback against him. She is trying to spin that we, the technicians, our mentally under the influence of my friend, therefore anything bad we have to say against the boss should not be considered valid. WTF!!!!!! We will see tomorrow how the first set of feedback sessions go at lunch.

I cant wait to tell this story to the Great Managers People Strategy meeting, they will have a fit on this one. The boss tried to tell me that I could not be a member of this group. Another friend laughed at that when I told him. He is also a member. Obviously the GM did a good thing there but on my objectives he put: Participate in "Good Managers" stuff Obviously we know how he feels about the whole strategy.

This is so surreal. I have not had such bad management and such political crap happen like this in over 5 years. What is this place coming to.

I had to call the GM's old boss, did not want to do it but I did. I told him that he had to talk to her soon and tell her to get her act together. First of all it shows the lack of caring about us at the lower level and complete lack of respect to think that we are so easily influenced by others.
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