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I love my car

I love that it is the burgundy red that it is, I live the fact I got it on Valentine's Day three years ago. I love that it has all the room that it does. I love that it is a hybrid so I can drive in the carpool lane as well as get the gas mileage I get.

There is only one issue I have with it. It is always obvious on cold mornings like today. The heater does not warm up very quickly, esp when you are mainly riding on the electric engine because you hit every green light.

I was so cold this morning. It was in the mid 40's this morning. Because I was sick yesterday and the fact I had cold cereal this morning my body temperature was rather low. My teeth were chattering until I got to the hill that got me onto the freeway. Never was I so happy to get to that hill, it took 10 minutes to get to that hill but I knew that soon I was going to have heat. Boy did that heat feel good.

The heater does not stay warm either. When I got over the bridge it is pretty down hill after that. The heater stopped providing the heat again because I was not using the gas engine. Soon it will be warmer in the morning, so I wont have to worry about this until the fall. I will keep loving my car and soon forget this until then.
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