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One feedback session two more to go

Well one technician met with the GM and he forced her to listen by asking if her if she understood how he felt a number of times during the session. She was surprised by the first one and made sure she listened though the rest of the 40 minute meeting.

Mine is on Wednesday and the last technician of the three that dont like the Boss is on Thursday. I am writing down facts, things that he has done. Some I have concrete dates others I have time frames. I will make a point to write down concrete things on this site from now on so I can go and look back. I am sure that anyone who actually comes across and reads this is going to feel oh so lucky about that LOL!

Had a great lunch with a great bunch of people today. Last half day Friday until end of May joined a gym afterwards. Had to put up some money upfront but if I stick to this, which I am determined to do, I will be getting a great deal in the long run.

I will be working out at the gym tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Wine tasting this weekend. Sunday and Monday. Livermore has a festival. Will be going with work folks. Riding the shuttle for the first time. The times I have gone in the past there as one pregnant woman in the group so we had a designated driver. It will be interesting to see how the shuttle works. I will probably not like it that much.

Went to a friends house last night to vent and she vented to me as well. I felt better after it slightly. Did a protection spell or two. It is only one day but I believe they are working. The department is divided, this department is getting really ugly really fast. It shows how terrible the management is in our department. Things should not be like this. I have been in a department like this before and it was because of an incompetent manager who showed blatent favoritism. I guess people do not look into the past to see how bad things can get and that it looks poorly on them. They think that we are influenced by another scientist. That she has cult like status over us, I am seriously considering taking a picture of our Lady Guadeloupe and placing her face on it and making a shrine outside her cubicle to show how asinine that really is. But then again it shows how little respect this particular management has for people at my level.

Did not get to see Wicker Man tonight. B-i-L had a meeting at 3:00 pm today. Who else but marketing sets up late afternoon meeting on the Friday before a long weekend. Jeeze. I have heard bad things about it, really bad things but I am still curious.
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