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Waiting for my bed

I either have 1.5 hours or at the latest 5.5 hours till I get my bed.

I emptied out my bedroom, the comforters and air mattress is in the living room right now. One of the comforters has a rip in it. I dont know how that happened. I am going to have to sow it back together.

I tried getting rid of all the rust out of my bathroom sink. I was not too successful. :-( The overflow section and the part under it is permanently stained. Oh well, I will try again later today and then spray it will the sealer. I will tackle the tub later, when I dont have to wait for the phone to ring. I hope they give me a half-hour warning, then I can move my car.

I already warned my sister that I may not be coming down to visit this evening. If the bed comes later in the afternoon I dont want to be stuck in traffic.

In other news, the Disneyland packet came in! Well my sister had to pick it up from UPS. I guess they changed providers, they have always used FedEx.
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