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Thoughts on my bed

So I have slept in the bed for two nights now and I have some observations.

So far I have not fallen out of bed, which is a good thing. It is rather high. The ceiling seems lower when I am in bed, but then again I have been sleeping on an air mattress on the floor for almost a month.

In my waterbed and on the air mattress, I noticed that I dont move around very much. The air mattress I didn't have much room to move around. The waterbed, there were times that I did move around but that was usually during the warmer weather. On this bed I wake up on the opposite side of the bed sometimes.

I do feel more rested after sleeping on it. That is a good thing since I have been so tired lately. I am looking forward to being my normal self soon because of that.

I noticed this morning that the memory foam I have on the bed soaks up my body heat. Because of that it keeps me warm. For now that is just fine since the heater still goes on in the morning and it is set for 55F. In the summer, during the warmer days and nights I can see that as a problem. I will want to be in the cooler areas of the bed. I think I will be moving over the bed more often during those nights.

There has not been any pressure points on my hips which is nice. I even catch myself sleeping on my stomach more. I usually sleep on my back mostly then sometimes on my side.

It has only been two nights so cant say outright how I feel about the bed. I have to sleep on it more.
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