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Beautiful Day!

I cant believe how quiet it is here. I can only hear a few cars. Not as much as when I lived in Livermore.

Because I went to be fairly early last night I kept the windows closed. People were still having fun outside and I needed my sleep. I reopened them at 2 am.

As dawn hit, wow. It started out with a few birds then soon it seemed that there were thousands of them. What a way to wake up. I thought I was camping. It was beautiful to hear.

It is nice to wake to this quiet. There are cars but it is a low rumble. It makes me not want to even disturb this quiet with the sound of me typing.

Last night I went an saw Hot Fuzz. It was made by the same people who did Shaun of the Dead. I will have to get that movie. I dont think I actually bought it when it came out. I want to see Shaun of the Dead again.

I loved the movie and seeing it with the crowd I was it with made it even more enjoyable. I love a lively crowd, esp when it is appropriate liveliness. We laughed, giggled, screamed,and groaned. Even some, "OMG I cant believe the did that!" It was all good. There were slow parts of the movie but it was expected for the plot.

I am surprised that more people have not gone and seen it. I guess some people just dont "get" British humor. I was weaned on it. My dad got us to watch Monty Python on PBS, when it was on PBS. He even took us to see Life of Brian when we were young. Full frontal male nudity at age of 10. I guess they were lax on the rating system way back when. I cant picture that less than NC17 now.
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