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OMFG!!! It is only dawn!

Why on earth am I up at this god awful hour?! I went to bed after 11 and I am on vacation too! Damnit! I also have a headache, which is weird since I had one glass of wine then switched to non-alcoholic.

Friends of mine were telling me about the wonders of SecondLife. So of course I want to join in on all the fun. My computer system meets the minimum requirements to be able to get it. I will be adding more memory to reach the recommended requirements anyway due to the fact McAFee just sucks the life out of my machine.

I would love to update my processor as well as I will have to replace my video card. What I have in there now is incompatible. So hopefully it wont be too hard to figure out what is what in my machine.

Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade an emachine?

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