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Awake at Dawn Again

Why am I up at this hour again! I am so tired. I want to go back to sleep.

Maybe if I stayed up later last night. I just could not keep my eyes open. I had a busy vacation then spent all day in the sun at the Pagan Parade yesterday.

We were in charge of the North/Earth altar. It was a fun day. The sun was out, which was good since the weather report the night before was talking about fog and a high of only 62. Although it was sunny the wind still made it cold. I had to park three blocks away and I ended up leaving my jacket in the car, but one of the men from the security detail lent me his sweatshirt. It was green too so it fit perfectly with the altar.

He was worried that it would stink too much for me. It did smell strongly of Patchouly. But there is good Patchouly and bad Patchouly incense and essential oils. He obviously used the good stuff so I told him that I liked the smell of Patchouly. He let me keep it all day. The Parade/Festival lasted from 10-5 although we had to be there at 8. I can still smell the patchouly on me.

It was nice to be there hanging out with everyone. The altar was beautiful. It came together perfectly like it always does. We are good at throwing together an altar. The herbs bundles we gave away were a big hit with the kids and the adults. The adults had to find something to put the herbs in but the children got to have little medicine bags.

A Spiral Scout troupe lead the ritual. They were from all ages. There were 5 teenagers in the troupe. These teenagers blew me away. I have never seen anyone with such an aura of calm and sense of self as I had seen in these teenagers. I envied them.

There were even some nice eye candy to look at. One guy with blond hair in short shorts in the morning then I think he came back later riding a bike, shirtless and in bike shorts.

The only down side was the homeless. One guy in particular came by and told us we would be burned. The first time he came by Midknight's husband was there. The next time the ritual leader was there. All the festivities were near the southern altar so we were pretty isolated. It was the only thing I did not like. It was fine when the farmer's market was near us but when they left, there was nothing to distract them. They had security but the security stayed near the festivities. I wish they walked out to visit more often.
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