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Got My Bluetooth Set Up In My Car

I don't know why I never did it sooner. It was why I got the Treo in the first place. I guess I could not figure out how to do it. I finally pulled out the owners manual and figured out how to set it up from the car's side.

Anyway it is connected, I just cant seem to transfer over my phone book *annoyed* for some reason the application is locked on my phone and the phone manual isn't telling me how to unlock it. I guess I will have to do it by hand.

I was reminded about this by the MM article on Friday. As I read it I was like "Hey I have that why haven't I set it up yet" Well it is a good reminder since soon we cant use a cell phone in the car without a hands-free device. I just have to have people call me to see how well it works.
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