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Great Weekend

Went to the Livermore Wine Festival this weekend, did both days. Went with a few people from work. I had a great time. Lachelle and Andy, Scott and Brendi and me.

First day: Did not start out too great, what I thought was going to be a 5-10 minute walk to the HUB turned into a 25 minute walk. They were good about it, I will never live it down at work. That will be the running joke at work for the next few weeks. :-) The first winery was at Tesla the Little Wineries. They had a couple sparkling wines one was Raspberry flavored and another that was Almond. The Almond was fabulous! We all bought bottles on Sunday. Olivina Olive Oil company had a wonderful Fig Balsamic Vinegar. I am going to pick some up at the Farmers Market on Thursday. They ran out sometime during the two days, I could not buy it at the end of the day Sunday.

Red Skye winery also had a very good red but did not buy. The Singing Winemaker had some good wines as well. It was a good start for the day. All the wines were great, it probably would not have been the same if we started off with not so great wines. But we did compare them all to the other wineries. The La Rochelle wines were good as well as the Steven Kent. From then on we did not have such great wines, there were good wine and not so good wines. These were all in a row so we walked down the big street to each one. The shuttles were packed so we had no choice. When we got to the end of all the close ones we walked back to the other side of the street. We ended with Concannon. I like them because they have bins of all the different grapes so you can taste which ones were which: Merlot, etc.

That evening Brendi invited me to a BBQ at her place, although it was not technically a BBQ. Scott is from Texas and BBQ's are a lot longer, but it is easier to say than Grilling. A few more couples from work were there so it was cool to talk with all of them. I finally got to talk to one of the guy's wife. It was a great time had by all.

Second Day: Went to Chouinard. They have a white wine that is made from Granny Smith Apples. I had it for the first time 9 or so years ago and fell in love with it. At the time I could not buy it because the people I was with were there for drinking not buying. They had a great Orange Muscat with a truffle for $5 extra. I ended up buying the Muscat and a Chenin Blanc which I will be saving for Thanksgiving. I usually dont like white wines but this was great stuff. So 2 bottles of the Granny Smith, 2 bottles of the Chenin Blanc and 1 bottle of the Muscat for $60. This place, although I hate the parking, is in Castro Valley/Sunol area. Lachelle, Brendi and I drove in my car and Scott rode his Harley. He loved the drive. We kept telling Brendi that there was a man on a motorcycle following us and that she should make a move on him LOL. I still sipped the wine eventhough I was the designated driver. I made sure my belly was full when I went.

Ruby Hill was a nice place, then met up with a couple from work at Murrieta's they are members of that winery. It was a beautiful place. One of the reds the guy kept telling me that it was not a sweet wine, I told him "so I dont drink sweet beer either". He kept repeating it. Just because I wear pink does that mean I only drink sweet wines. That stuff was smooth. I liked it a lot but $30 a bottle was a bit much. Figuring the other places we went were ~$12-$18.

Cedar Mountain was great, I remember when all it was, was a house. 7 years later. Jamming music. Good Merlot. The port was awesome. Brendi and Scott bought a bottle. Petty Theft was the band I believe. It was a great old time. Missed the Olive Mill demonstration but hey it was still a great place to hang out. Chrysalis Pottery had some beautiful pieces, esp the large sunflowers. Could not afford it but was beautiful to look at. The port that they bought was signed by one of the owners. We went to a newer one after called White Crane, did not do any other ones because we had to get back to buy the Almond Sparkling wine before it was over. 12-5. I think in a few years they may have some really good stuff. Look at Cedar Mountain.

We are planning a wine tasting party in the future. I will bring the Muscat and the Granny Smith. Cant wait.
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