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Yahoo 360 Down?

I lost my Yahoo 360 page early afternoon yesterday. I also lost my YM. It was rather annoying esp for my YM because I was communicating with people at the time.

I discovered that they shut down my sbcglobal account. I remember merging the accounts in the beginning when I had the DSL (never doing that again ever) but when I am on YM I only use my yahoo ID not my sbcglobal ID.

Anyway I had to unmerge. I still cant get into Yahoo 360. I can view other's 360 pages either. I am wondering if it is down. I hope it is down because if I lose everything that I had on that page I will be pissed. At least I didn't use that page as a dream journal. I do have memories that I put there that I did not put here.

Going to be pissed.
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