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I still cant access my 360 page

It is still there, or at least my Yahoo Answers' profile says I have a 360 page. Even shows a link to it. When I click on the link it says page not found. I cannot access anyone's 360 right now. Really annoying.

I guess I will not have one. I have to find another way to my Yahoo photos.

I am glad I made this one my dream journal. Been having some dreams but not many, mainly do to the fact I am spending a lot of time on Second Life.

I have only been on three times and I am already addicted. LOL I am glad I did not get an apple laptop because I would be tempted to go on while I am at work and that would not be good. I went to a Bard fire circle earlier. Maybe I will start writing poetry again. I did all the angst stuff in High School. It helped me a lot during my parents divorce.

If anyone actually reads this and is on Second Life, let me know maybe we can say "hi". I will send you my user name.

I do have to say I am proud of myself for the fact I am able to get myself off of it so I can get enough sleep at night. Have to get up at 4 am. The sucky thing about that most of my friends stay up later, sometimes going to bed when I get up. LOL Oh well, when I get over my shyness I will start making even more friends. I do have to say that these friends of mine have helped me a lot. Showed me the shops to go to, provided me with free stuff to start with and showed me all the cool islands to hang out in. I cant thank them enough. Even helped me learn how to move and fly.

One sent me the announcement for the Bard fire circle.

Off to bed.
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