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my boss

Hate to start this off this way but....My boss is a complete idiot. I dont mean to be rude about him but he does not listen to anything I say. Or seem to care about anyone other than himself. I will not be at work next week and I set up a schedule with someone in my group on the stuff that needs to get done next week.

One of the things is very time consuming. It took me 3.5 hours to run that test this morning. She went to him about missing the meeting that is scheduled next Monday so she can finish the test. He comes with her to my desk to talk about the test, as well at the other stuff that needs to be done, mailing stuff out, etc.

He requests that I help her out next week. Hello! I will be gone. I would not have had her run the test or mail the stuff IF I WAS GOING TO BE HERE!

And this guy is in charge of my career, I am doomed.

Bright side, dont have to deal with him for a week.
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