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Second Life

I have been having so much fun here. I have met some very nice people. I spent most of me weekend there dancing at a drumming circle. Met a lot of nice people there too, friend-ed one. I will probably friend another if I see him tomorrow.

Gamer boy (not his name) who I friend-ed earlier sent a passing IM but nothing more than that. I will probably never see him again unless we run into each other by accident.

The drumming circle was the busiest I have ever seen it this weekend, other people were commenting about it as well.

I have a few crashes, which were annoying esp when I got on in the evening and I crashed 4 times in as many minutes. Made a great entrance though, I ended up in a friend's tent even though I crashed at the circle earlier that day. I was still wearing my rainbow light, blinded those in the tent *blushes*

They keep saying that they are going to be bringing Voice into the fold. I am dreading it. I dont want voice. At the drumming circle there was one person who had animated voice and used it every other sentence. It was jarring. It took away from the peace at the place. I hope the lands I hang out in will ban voice. I am pretty sure our new sim will be banning voice which I am very happy about.
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